Friday, June 24, 2011

Questions from CASA of Cochise County Presentation.....

Thank you CASA of Cochise county for allowing us to share Kaity's Story.....

There was a question during the presentation that I needed to look into. That question had to do with Kaity's Law. If a juvenile is convicted for a 3rd time and it is a felony, does it go away once they turn 18 years old? I checked with the Arizona Coalition of Domestic Violence on this and the answer is as follows:
It would all depend on if the individual was charged the three times as a juvenile or an adult on any of the previous or 3rd (or subsequent charge). If the individual was charged as an adult, those would not be expunged from their record. Only crimes charged in juvenile court have the ability of being “sealed or expunged” from his record. If you are a minor (in AZ any person over the age of 8 can be charged as an adult) and charged as an adult then it will stay on the record.

What should I do if I'm the victim, but I have a child with the person? Seek help from your local resources, such as Victim Witness the number to the Cochise County office is (520) 432 8700. You can also look into Domestic Violence Counseling. In Sierra Vista you would call (520) 458 3932.

Usually when the person threatens to kill themselves it doesn't happen, Why did it happen now? Only Daniel can answer that

How does any organization go about setting up a training in Cochise County - Benson High School? If you would like Kaity's Way involved it only requires a phone call or email. We can be contacted at (602) 740 2734 or Otherwise, you could probably find some great information on line or contact CASA of Cochise county to find out how they organized their presentation.

How would you help a child of your own that is angry and have exhausted all known avenues? This is a difficult question to answer without knowing what avenues have been exhausted.

Was their relationship sexual or did it include sexual behaviors? Yes

Where did Daniel get the gun? We are not sure where Daniel got the shotgun, but we were told that he had access to guns.

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