Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Peoria Unified School District Counselors

A big Thank You to Genna Laird of the Peoria Unified School District for having Kaity's Way out to share Kaity's Story with several PUSD Counselors. While there were a lot of great questions asked at the end of the presentation there were a few asked on the surveys that we will try to answer below.

How did he find Kaity the day she was killed? What arrangements had been made for her to have transportation home? Kaity had a ride home from school, but when school let out her ride had a few things to take care of before they could leave. Kaity decided to walk on home. Best that we can put together is he was waiting for her at a house right across the street from our home.

Was any attempt made to talk to his mother? did you ever contact his parents? We did not make any attempt to speak with his family. We are not sure if law enforcement or if the school had either.

When it happened at school, How did security or administration respond? If you are asking about the two times he assaulted her at school, our understanding is that school personnel, after Kaity had gone to the office to report the incidents, found him and took him to the office. They then contacted law enforcement each time and implemented a 5 day suspension after the first incident and expelled him after the second incident.

What protections are there under the law involving telephone harassment? The statute with regards to harassment including cyber is 13-2921. What is done when law enforcement is called out varies based on the situation.

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