Monday, May 16, 2011

Questions from Desert Shadows Middle School Nogales Az

Earlier this month, May 6th.... Bobbi Sudberry shared Kaity's Story with 330 students of Desert Shadows Middle School of Nogales Arizona. It was the students of Ms. Coopers class that arranged for this presentation to take place for their fellow students. Judge Maley works with these students and supported the effort on various levels. Hats off to the students of Ms. Coopers class, Ms. Cooper, Judge Maley and Principal Joan Molera for addressing a prevalent issue in a proactive way.

Several of the students had questions they had asked on the survey they filled out. Below are the questions and the answers.

Why did he kill her? This is a question that only Daniel can answer

How can someone cope with the loss of a daughter? It is not easy. There were times when I just wanted to literally curl up and die. Also, for a long time it felt like a really bad nightmare that you can’t seem to wake up from. Believe it or not Kaity’s Way is helpful in dealing with the loss. It is very therapeutic for me to be able to talk about her.

If you could go back to the day of her murder, what would you change? I would erase the day if I could, but my first thought is that I would have sent Kaity far far away to New Hampshire.

How is your family doing with Kaity's loss? We are coping one day at a time and are doing as well as anyone could expect. We are all dealing with it in our own way. This is one void that can never be filled.

What did she like to do most? She like to do many things, it is hard to say what she enjoyed the most as I believe she enjoyed things to the fullest.

How did the family of Daniel deal with issue of his relationship with Kaity? We do not know

Why did Kaity get from school early, the day she was killed? She only had 3 classes, so she got out of school daily at noon.

What questions did the detectives ask you? I do not recall the exact answers, but I do recall explaining the situation between Kaity and Daniel to them. I also believe they asked me what time she was due home.

Is Kaity's Law a State law only? Yes, Kaity's Law is specific to Arizona only, but there are 43 other states in the union that have similar laws. To see what the laws are in the other states you can go to

Where did Kaity and Daniel meet? In school

Where was she shot? in our neighbors yard

What happened to the guy after she died? He committed suicide

I'm in my first relationship and I want to know what can I do as soon as I see change in my partner? First realize that you are not responsible or to blame for any ones behavior. Also, know that you deserve to always be treated with respect. Try to speak with an adult about your concerns. That could be a parent, aunt, uncle, older sibling, cousin, counselor, teacher, coach, religious leader. They should be able to point you in the right direction. There is also information on our website and links to other resources that you can look into to get help.

Why didn't the cops do anything? I do not know and would rather not speculate or assume anything.

Why didn't she leave him at the beginning? Because he was not being mean to her. He was being very nice and eventually she fell in love with him.

What would have done if she didn't die? We would have been very Thankful.

Where do we live? Northwest part of Phoenix Arizona

What happened to Daniels mom? No idea...

How did he kill her? With a shot gun

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