Monday, May 16, 2011

Peoria Accelerated High School Presentation

On May 5th, Bobbi Sudberry from Kaity's Way had the pleasure of sharing Kaity's Story with the students of Peoria Accelerated High School. 17 of the 20 students completed a survey and the results are:

100% of the students believe they would recognized the warning sings of abuse in a relationship since hearing Kaity's Story.

82% believe they have known or know someone in an abusive relationship

18% believe they are in an abusive relationship

100% believe it would benefit teenagers to have Kaity's Story presented in the school systems and/or with youth organizations

Who would they go to if they found themselves in an abusive relationship?
Parents 53%, 5% Teacher/Coach, 59% Friend, 12% Counselor, 0% Religious leader, 18% Other

88% believe it would be helpful for teenagers if more adults were educated about teen dating violence

100% believe Kaity's Story was appropriate considering the subject matter

88% would share Kaity's Story with someone they believe might be in an abusive relationship.

Kudos to Ms. Lozano for providing these students with the necessary tools to identify an abusive/violent relationship as well as what as help them understand what goes into having a Healthy Relationship.....

There was one question and that was "how old was she?" She was 17 years old....

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