Monday, December 12, 2011

Questions from Surveys -PVCC-MCC-Premier High School

Our sincerest apologies that we are just now answering some questions from the surveys. The good news is that we have been so busy with presentations and exhibit tables we have had to table answering questions until now. So Thank You for your patience and understanding....

So lets get on with the questions:

How long did it take you to get the law passed? The passing of Kaity's Law was a team effort started by the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence (AZCADV) and former Senator Jonathan Paton. Bobbi Sudberry, on a personal level, was brought in to share Kaity's Story in an effort to help the committee realize the need for such a law due to the tragedy her family faced. The AZCADV had tried for a few years to get this law passed.

If a bill is not met with opposition and passes through both parties it is a matter of months. Unfortunately, this law met with opposition and it took years and the loss of a beautiful life to get it passed.

When will your next presentation be? We schedule presentations all the time at various venues around the state. Some are open to the public. We are hoping to work with certain businesses this next year to provide presentations to the general public. We will be sure to mention when a presentation is open to the public on our Current Events page. Please check our website for a current listing of scheduled presentations.

How did you move on from this? I am not so sure that we have moved on from the loss of Kaity, but we have come to terms with our loss. Creating Kaity's Way in her honor has helped with this. We also have a certain belief and faith that allows us some peace of mind.

Do you still have any resentment towards Daniel? No, he was forgiven long ago. Anger and resentment is exhausting and robs a person of too much energy. Instead we put all our energy into something good, Kaity's Way!

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